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Ironbridge Bicycles is a small independent company building contemporary hand-made bicycle frames using traditional methods of lugs and fillet brazing here in Great Britain.
Forged from the combined 68 years of frame building and bicycle industry experience of Peter Bird and Robert Wade with a passion to bring bespoke quality and detail to production frames for discerning clients worldwide and supporting fellow small British frame builders.

Peter Bird

founder frame builder

Robert Wade

founder frame builder
68 years combined experience of frame building and bicycle industry experience

Our Heritage

Our heritage lies in our bespoke frame building and the area that we live and work in. Peter launched Swallow Frames in 1981 after completing his apprenticeship as a Goldsmith, being joined in 1984 by Robert.
The original concept and integrity of a Swallow frame is that it is, and always will be a bespoke product, made as a one off, as individual as the client ordering it. Peter and Robert have built or worked on over 2500 frames over the years. They were amongst the first to use sizing jigs to measure clients in the early 1980's and both were awarded the prestigious Reynolds 753 approved Master Frame builder certificate early in their careers. Over the years Swallow frames have received a fair few awards for their design and inovation. Drawing on this legacy of experience and skill and inspired by the heritage of the Ironbridge Gorge, where they live and work, the Ironbridge range of bicycles are a tribute to Britain's industrial, manufacturing and artisan heritage, with a hand-built frame at its core that lays testament to the true craftsmanship of the British isles.

What makes Ironbridge bicycles different

Using our extensive experience and knowledge from building Swallow bespoke frames we have incorporated many high quality techniques and features into the Ironbridge frames.
Unlike a lot of steel production frames, we do not weld our joints. Although more time consuming, we use traditional fillet brazing for our 1779 and 1851 Ironbridge frames for the more aesthetic smooth flowing curved finish that you would usually only find on a bespoke frame. This also enables us to have complete control over the frame geometry and design to bring you a contemporary bicycle that suits your fit and riding style. Lugs are still alive in the 1952 model for those looking for a traditional style, with or without disc brakes. We use British made Reynolds tubing in all of our frames and steel forks with selected Columbus tubing for some rear triangles.
We understand size and fit and how this is especially important for both men and woman. As all our frames are made to order, our aim is to build the correct size bicycle for each client, regardless of gender. Frames can also be ordered made-to-measure if required.
All Ironbridge frames are hand-made in Great Britain. Brazed in our workshop in Coalport (which is one of several villages that are part of the Ironbridge Gorge) or by carefully chosen frame builders who work in the same methods as we do. However, all final quality control plus the addition of the stainless steel bridge and head-badge are completed in our Coalport workshop. All bicycles are assembled in Coalport prior to personal collection or shipment to you, or one of our independent bicycle shop partners.

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