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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the guarantee on the frame and forks?

    We offer a limited lifetime guarantee of the frame and steel forks. If the frame is supplied with carbon forks, this varies with the original manufacturer. Please see here for details

  • Do you make a frame in stainless steel?

    If you require a stainless steel frame, we build in either Reynolds 953 or Columbus Xcr, however these are only available as bespoke frames under our Swallow Brand. Stainless steel tubing and parts are considerably more expensive than Reynolds 853 and standard steel parts and stainless tubing also has a myriad of aesthetic possibilities with polishing, peening and painting, so best lends itself to a bespoke frame. View Swallow Bespoke

  • How do I work out the size I need?

    Our bicycle sizing charts have very comprehensive frame measurements, but If you have any questions or doubts about which size wiil suit you best, then give us a call or email to discuss. You can also down load our sizing sheet to complete and email that to us. We can then advise what will the best size/fit.

  • Can I have a different colour?

    Yes you can. Email us with either a RAL number or other paint reference number and we'll do our best to match. Depending on the colour there will be a varying up-charge for this service. Here's some notes about paint names The Guardian – Modern tribes.

  • Can I have custom paint design? depends how detailed a design you are considering – panels, fades, lug and box lining are all possible and all add time and money, but you do get the frame you want – drop us an email and we'll price it up for you.

  • Can I order a custom frame?

    We have lots of options within the models that we offer – if you want something different then you need to be considering a Bespoke frame. We can offer this under our Swallow Brand. View Swallow Bespoke

  • Can you just do....?

    Please see 'Can I order a custom Frame?' above.

  • Do you do frame repairs?

    Obviously by investing in an Ironbridge steelframe means it can be repaired and is quite cost effective to do so. If you have the misfortune to damage or crash your Ironbridge frame – drop us an email and some photographs and we will advise the best course of action. We can also repair any other steel frame too – see here for details: Frame Renovations and Refurbishment

  • You claim you frames are made in Britain – lots of companies claim this – how can I be sure?

    Indeed a lot of companies claim that their products are “Made in Britain”. Under the Trades Description Act, to claim that a product is Made in Britain, this refers to the last major change a product undergoes to make it a 'whole' and resalable product. So milk from other EU countries can be made into cheese in Great Britain and it can correctly be said that it is cheese made in Great Britain.

    Some bicycle makers source their frames and parts from overseas and assemble the bicycle here and then clam it is made in Great Britain which is kind of technically correct, but it's stretching the point a bit. However, we do actually make frames and forks here in Great Britain and so are proud to include a sticker on our frames claiming that.

    This is also backed up by the Made in Britain organisation that audits its members to prove that their products are made in Great Britain. In our initial conversation, they mentioned that they have turned down bicycle companies that only assemble their bike in Great Britain, unlike ourselves who actually make frames and forks here as well as assembling.

    Take a look at Made in Great Britain

    So if in any doubt ask other bicycle companies making the claim, just where do they have their frames made?

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